LH3000 Heavy Duty  
 Heavy Duty Load Handler   Price: 159.95    Shipping: 33.00

Finish bigger jobs faster with HD LOADHANDLER. Padded brackets and tie down straps secure the LOADHANDLER to any tailgate--installs or removes in about a minute. The LOADHANDLER consists of a heavy gauge poly fabric rolled onto a steel bar that runs to the length of the tailgate. To load, just unroll the drag sheet to cover your truck bed. To unload, lower the tailgate, insert the crank handle into the end of the roller bar and rewind the drag sheet. The LOADHANDLER unloads your cargo in as little as 30 seconds. HEAVY-DUTY, FULL METAL CONSTRUCTION. Perfect for commercial applications. Unload up to 3000 lbs in 30 seconds.

The LH3000 fits all FullSize Pickups and is preferred for commercial applications.


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